Since 2018 Estonian online gambling has changed a lot. Before there were just a few reputable gaming platforms like Betsafe, PAF, OlyBet and Coolbet. Within just a few years the gaming scene has become much more diverse and casinos without account have become the main players in the industry. 

This is no surprise that players prefer no-account casinos to traditional online gaming platforms. Any casino we advertise here has a licence to operate in Estonia. While other criterias remain more or less same it matters which platform offers the best user experience and simplicity. 


Let us have a look at which ones are the new casinos in Estonia. What are the good and bad. 

New casinos in Estonia

Within the past few years around a dozen new casinos have emerged in Estonia. Most of them are gaming platforms without account registration. Some of the best ones we can name: Ninja Casino, NoAccountBet and


Some of the new casinos with accounts can be actually also good. They have integrated easy registration with Smart-ID, mobile-ID and ID-card for Estonian citizens. 

Nutz Casino is special because their selection of payment methods is better than anyone else. You can even find e-wallet Revolut which was only recently granted a banking licence in Estonia. 

Best new casinos in Estonia

Have you ever felt all the casinos are pretty much the same? If you look at the selection of games, this can be true. The reason is simple- the best game providers offer their software to all the best casinos. Also most players tend to like specific games. 

Let us check some of the main criterias when it comes to picking the right casino. 


The best part about casinos without registration is that they do anything to make the user experience nothing but exceptional. Usually they make the website really slim so there is nothing extra. Simple buttons to take action such as deposit or find games. 

Since the emergence of no-account casinos we can see that traditional casinos have renewed their websites as well. This is crucial for them to remain attractive. 


It is important to point out that no-account casinos offer transfers only via internet banking.


There are no e-Wallets or alternative methods to move your money.

How fast can you expect to get money out?

If you still choosing between the fast casinos or traditional platform the deciding factor could be the withdrawal speed.


All of the best casinos without registration such as, Boost and Ninja process your payment within minutes.

Therefore, you do not even have time to change your mind and forfeit your pending payment.


What do you think new online casinos can offer for players? If we talking about the live casino there are Evolution Gaming tables in almost every casino. For slots there is much more variety. 

Some no-account casinos do not want to overwhelm the players with thousands of slots and other games. They only pick new big software developers and choose the best games from them. 


Within the past years there are so many new online casinos in Estonia. It is necessary to have some clarity and see which one offers the best games and bonuses. 

We recommend to get started with the bonuses for new players. They have the most simple rules and are easy to use.